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Billie Holiday was one of the most iconic jazz singers of all time. But these days, you haven’t really made it in the music industry until someone digitizes you and converts you into a hologram for future generations to gawk at and receive important advice about The Force from. Luckily, like Tupac and Michael Jackson before her, Billie Holiday will soon achieve true musical immortality by becoming a hologram. Unlike most holograms, though, the Holiday hologram (or Holigram, or Billie Holigram if you’re formal) won’t be flickering and flashing on stage, it’ll be acting as a futuristic spokesperson for the Apollo Theater. That comes from The New York Times (via Vulture), which explains that the Holigram will use both the likeness and voice of the singer—with permission from her estate—to teach visitors about the history of the Apollo. She can also “take questions from the audience in an interesting way” and “sing some songs.” Just like a real ghost! The Apollo is also planning to add more holograms in the future that will recreate famous performances, with James Brown being used as an example. The Billie Holigram will debut around Thanksgiving.


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