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Billie Eilish plays "my future" at the DNC, pleads on behalf of everybody else's

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The all new, all-Zoom-background Democratic National Convention entered its third night this evening, bringing with it a whole bunch of speeches, from former presidential candidates, former presidents, and future potential VPs alike. All of which is fine and dandy, depending on your personal tolerance for political speeches, establishment Democrats, and possible buffering issues. But if there’s one thing we can all agree about tonight’s DNC performance, it’s this: Billie Eilish definitely performed at it.

Ensconced within the Purple Fog Room we presume she keeps stocked and ready for any and all political convention appearances, Eilish busted out a live version of her new single “my future,” a sleepy, dreamy ode of hope for a better tomorrow. She accompanied the tune with a brief but impassioned speech, asking viewers to vote “against Donald Trump and for Joe Biden,” on the grounds that that’s probably the best way to ensure, at this point, that anybody’s future exists.

At 18, Eilish is one of the youngest performers ever to grace the “stage” of one of the national conventions. (Although now we’re racking our brains, trying to remember if that miserable yodeling child ever sonically tormented the RNC.) As actress and advocate Kerry Washington pointed out during her introduction to Eilish, the “No Time To Die” singer has been politically active since before she, personally, even had the right to vote; Eilish has had voter registration booths operating at her concerts since well before she herself had turned 18.

[via Variety]

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