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Billie Eilish is an anime romantic in the video for "my future"

Billie Eilish released her new single “my future” tonight, the young up-and-comer’s first new music since she released the theme song for the since-shuttered Bond movie No Time To Die earlier this year. The arrival of the new song—sleepy and somnambulistic, until it isn’t—comes with absolutely zero indication of whether Eilish’s much-anticipated second album is on the horizon (although the song’s closing line, “See you in a couple years,” lays out a certain worst-case scenario for anyone who had their hopes too high). But it does arrive alongside a pretty gorgeous music video, animated by Australian artist Andrew Onorato.

Not much happens in the video, admittedly—it’s actually a bit like a “lo-fi beats you can whatever to” submission on Youtube, in that sense. But the vibe of the thing is undeniable, as a sleepy anime-ish Eilish wanders a Studio Ghibli-inspired landscape, singing love songs to her future self. It’s a mood, is what we’re saying, and it’s exactly the sort of thing to make us hope that Eilish’s much-ballyhooed future doesn’t take too long to finally arrive.

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