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Screenshot: Billboard (YouTube)

When it comes to The Office, Billie Eilish knows her shit. Her proficiency in all things Dunder Mifflin was recently put to the test when Rainn Wilson himself dropped by Eilish’s home to assess her knowledge of the cult classic. The meeting was caught on video for Billboard, and the friendly encounter has to be the only time a man quizzing a girl on her nerdy knowledge turned out more delightful than disastrous.

While the pop star - who Wilson soon renamed ‘William Eyelash’ - succumbed to nerves in the beginning, she quickly dipped into her well of sitcom knowledge and proceeded to blow Dwight Schrute away. Between being tasked with remembering the name of Jan’s candle company and exhibiting a readiness to reenact an entire scene by herself, the “Bury A Friend” songstress annihilated any doubt of her adoration for the series. Only a dedicated super fan with a thriving Netflix account could possibly know that the full name of Michael Scarn’s robot butler in “Threat Level Midnight” was Samuel L. Chang.


After successfully earning the title of The Office’s biggest fan, Wilson bestowed Eilish with the only emblem that made sense: a yogurt lid gold medal.

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