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Billie Eilish asked kids, "When we fall asleep, where do we go," and it got creepy

Where do you go once you finally go to sleep? Do you head to far away lands? Your childhood home? Behind the wheel of a runaway Tesla Cybertruck? Wherever our minds decide to roam once we retire for the day, may they find adventures as wondrous as those of these kids... well, some of these kids.


During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Billie Eilish—our apologies, recent six-time Grammy nominee, Billie Eilish—hung out with some cute kids and asked them the question of the year: When we fall asleep, where do we go? “Well, you can pretty much go anywhere,” the first little boy replies in an appropriately adorable fashion before rattling off a few dreamy slumber getaways, like India, the desert, the “mummy times,” or the “dinosaur times.” According to another boy, it’s a little different for parents. “They just stay in their bed,” he explains, which honestly sounds like a dream in and of itself.

Things get just a bit scarier when a little girl shares that zombies chase her in sleep. But before anyone calls the Center For Disease Control, breathe a little easier knowing that she is fully capable of handling herself. “I kick their butts,” she tells Eilish proudly when asked how she survives such peril. It really is all fun and games until we meet Michael, who enjoys scary stories before bed. His favorite source of bedtime horror: Pennywise The Clown.

“I’ve seen him before,” he reveals gleefully. “And I brought him here.” We never actually see the visiting clown, but according to Michael, he was sitting on Eilish’s head while snacking on candy, cats, dogs, polar bears, “a grandmother,” and at one point, Eilish herself. Unshaken, the “Bury A Friend” singer simply observes that Pennywise must have been pretty hungry. We can’t imagine much would shake her at this point. “You’re a weird little dude, Michael,” she states, looking like a proud mama. And we get it. This little guy could be the next Mr. Blumhouse.