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Billboard interviews Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Veep’s Selina Meyer, universe becomes better place

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It’s not every day you get to read a pandering, disingenuous interview with a leading political figure and rejoice, but today is just such a day. The publication: Billboard. The topic: Audiobooks. The politician: Selina Meyer. The reality: A fictional one, thank god.

Veep ended its seven-season run on HBO back in May (and did so, according to our own Kate Kulzick, in terrific fashion), but Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Selina lives on, in both audiobook form and in this interview, which Louis-Dreyfus conducted in character. The world is a cruel place, and yet it offers such wonders!

The interview is in support of the audiobook version of A Woman First: First Woman, Meyers’s (fictional) account of her (fictional) year in office, which was published in March. It’s been submitted, according to Billboard, for Grammy consideration in the spoken word category—just as three-time Grammy-winner Jimmy Carter’s works have been.


Some highlights:

Do you like audiobooks?

Oh my gosh, you will not find a bigger fan of audiobooks than Selina Meyer. I love all things audio.

What audiobooks have you listened to?

I don’t ever actually listen to any audiobooks per se, as the business of this nation keeps me so busy. But if I were to listen to any you can bet I would be listening to something by Isabel Allende, an important Latina author who works in the magical realist tradition. And of course Maya Angelou. She is my favorite living author.

Dr. Angelou has been dead since 2014. There’s also more Jimmy Carter stuff:

Jimmy Carter has written 33 books and 20 books on audio. Do you have a goal for how many you want to write and record?

Oh, wow! That’s a lot of books! Well, good for Jimmy Carter for having that much free time with nobody needing him for anything. He is just so admirable, isn’t he? I wouldn’t want to compete with him on any level! Besides, I’m more of a doer. Do something, don’t just write.


Billboard’s piece also includes some excerpts from the audiobook, including a cameo from Tony Hale’s Gary Walsh, so do click on through. You can also read our interview with Veep showrunner David Mandel here, which does not feature cameos but is still well worth your time.

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