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Bill Paxton to teach a rookie the corrupt ropes on CBS’ Training Day show

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With many questions surrounding the upcoming Training Day adaptation—one of which is almost certainly, “How did this end up in a four-way bidding war?”—CBS has finally offered up some information to satisfy curious fans of the 2001 film, as well as anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see the movie in the last 15 years. Deadline reports that Bill Paxton, whose recent TV work includes Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Texas Rising, will assume the responsibility of turning an idealistic LAPD rookie into an amoral LAPD detective, but one on whom King Kong won’t have shit.

Paxton has been cast as Frank Rourke, “a veteran LAPD cop who heads up the Special Investigation Section, a unit that goes after the worst of the worst,” an objective that was presumably abandoned soon after Rourke assumed control, or is conveniently forgotten whenever Rourke makes evidence disappear right into his trunk. The law that Rourke upholds is that “of the jungle,” but he’s not all bad: He believes that “real courage is the will to chase the bad guys where the law won’t.”


The seasoned vet will be partnered with “an idealistic young African-American police officer, Kyle Craig,” whom he will tolerate and possibly corrupt. The rookie character hasn’t been cast yet, but the series has already found someone to replace Antoine Fuqua, who helmed the original film—Danny Cannon (Gotham, The Tomorrow People) will direct and executive produce the pilot. Also according to Deadline, early scripts for the pilot featured Ethan Hawke’s character from the film, Jake Hoyt, in the role of morally ambiguous mentor, or as a deputy chief. Those plans were scrapped when Hawke opted out, possibly so he could make another genre film.

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