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Bill O'Reilly grants himself honorary "brother" status for differentiating between two famous black people

Yesterday, Americans celebrated the legacy of a man who famously dreamed of a society where individuals are judged not by the color of the skin but the content of their character. Also yesterday, two middle-aged white men appeared on cable television to argue about their relative "whiteness" based on their ability to tell two famous black entertainers apart from one another.

FOX News host Bill O'Reilly wins out in that regard over frequent O'Reilly Factor guest Bernard Goldberg, who appeared last night to talk about a recent New York Times story arguing that Mitt Romney is "the whitest white man to run for president in recent memory." (Whiter than John "Walking Bed Sheet" McCain? Really? Okay, we're getting off topic.) For some reason, Goldberg decided to refer to a photo taken of himself posing with Ice Cube—a rapper, actor, director, and producer whose career in show business goes back more than two decades—who he mistakenly referred to as Ice T, a fellow rapper and actor whose career goes back nearly 30 years.


Dropping some serious kniz-nowledge on Bernie's ass, O'Reilly pointed out Goldberg's mistake, adding that "I'm a brother, man." At which point nearly 45 years of social progress since Dr. King's tragic death nearly collapsed in on itself. (Also, Ice T has denied your request, Bill.) Enjoy the clip below. [via Gawker]

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