Comics imprint Bluewater Productions will be releasing an illustrated biography of FOX Network yelling-head Bill O'Reilly this November.  Written by comics journalist Jerome Maida (who has previously penned bios of likable, uncontroversial figures like Mark Zuckerberg and Al Franken) and illustrated by Serbian artist Aleksandar Bozic, Political Power:  Bill O'Reilly will "focus mainly on O'Reilly from childhood to college", where he was bitten by a radioactive blowhard that gave him the ability to cut off his enemies' microphones without warning.  The creators claim they are striving, much like O'Reilly's employer, to present a fair and balanced portrait of the cable network superstar, although his character has been retconned so that his secret identity is now "journalist" instead of "former gossip show host turned Roger Ailes mouthpiece".