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Bill O’Reilly doesn’t need TV, he’s got a podcast

(Photo: Getty Images, Teresa Kroeger)

After finally deciding that Bill O’Reilly was so bad for business that it would be better to give him a few million dollars than to keep him on TV, Fox News fired the O’Reilly Factor host and cut all ties with the guy who was once the network’s top right-wing asshole. If anyone was worried about O’Reilly taking a literal page from his own book and getting revenge on the network that spurned him, though, there’s no need. As it turns out, he still has an outlet he can use to bring people his awful takes on current events: a podcast you have to pay for on his personal website.

This comes from Variety, which says he’s apparently been hosting his podcast—titled No Spin News—for “years,” but a banner on his website says that he’ll have a new episode available to subscribers on Monday night. Other than a statement he released last week, this will be the first time O’Reilly has spoken publicly since being fired, and it might be interesting to hear what he has to say about the situation. Most people probably won’t find it interesting enough to actually pay for the podcast, but people have surely paid for worse podcasts over the years.


The Variety story doesn’t offer much information about the format of No Spin News, but it seems safe to assume that it’s not a WTF-style show where O’Reilly asks famous people about Lorne Michaels, a Comedy Bang Bang-style show where O’Reilly interviews small business owners, or a Serial-style show where O’Reilly tries to solve season-long mysteries. If you want to know more for some reason, you can subscribe at this link.

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