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Bill Nye to continue saving the world on Netflix

(Photo: Getty Images, Tibrina Hobson)

With the ever-shortsighted Donald Trump valuing money and political schemes over the planet’s future, the responsibility to stand up for science must once again fall on the shoulders of a brave science guy. Luckily, we can still count on the Science Guy, as Netflix has decided to renew its edutainment series Bill Nye Saves The World for a second season. The Twitter account for Nye’s show revealed the news with a tongue-in-cheek video that calls out anti-science jerks on social media:


The show doesn’t have a proper release date yet, but the teaser promises that it will be available on the streaming service “soon.” A Netflix series about science might not save the world from any other terrible things Trump manages to do between now and whenever the second season premieres, but at least we’ll all be better informed about how he’s killing us.

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