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Bill Nye also investigates the science of “Deflate-Gate”

Since noted scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson already weighed in (and then recanted his opinion) on “Deflate-Gate,” Funny Or Die enlisted another noted scientist, Bill Nye, to investigate whether “natural weather conditions” could actually cause the New England Patriots’ footballs to naturally deflate so as to more easily fit in Tom Brady’s hands. And while Nye does investigate “Deflate-Gate” with a scientific experiment, he fits in a more important PSA as well.

Knowing that a video about a football scandal would likely draw more eyes than one about climate change, Nye takes a moment to ask viewers to “give a fuck” about the future of the planet. And rather than propose personal lifestyle changes (i.e. using energy efficient lightbulbs), Nye has a big picture suggestion: Vote for people who appreciate the threat of climate change. And yes, he also offers his opinion on “Deflate-Gate,” which is why you clicked on this link in the first place.


Those looking for a third opinion on the scandal should check out the work of our very own noted non-scientist John Teti in this in-depth Block & Tackle.

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