As Cameron Crowe prepares to show how, sometimes, a man’s ordinary, uneventful life can be completely turned around by a chance encounter with a quirky talking computer and “mystical island forces,” he’s brought in Bill Murray, who knows something about life-changing chance encounters. The Wrap reports that Murray is “in talks” to join his first Crowe film—talks that, while they’d normally be limited to shouting at Murray from across a golf course or while he’s out tending bar somewhere—are being facilitated this time by producer Scott Rudin, with whom Murray’s worked on several Wes Anderson movies.

No word on which role Murray is being courted to play, as much about the movie remains fairly secret. All we know is that it stars Bradley Cooper as a defense contractor who has second thoughts about launching a weapons satellite out of Hawaii, so he recruits Air Force pilot Emma Stone to help him stop the mission (while also starting his life). Rachel McAdams plays Cooper’s former lover, Jay Baruchel plays his stepbrother, and Danny McBride, Alec Baldwin, and now Bill Murray also factor into the plot, which may or may not involve playing the weapons satellite a Bob Dylan ballad, until it realizes Earth is too beautiful to destroy.