In what’s proving to be an especially positive 24 hours for Charlie Sheen—who, let’s face it, has suffered enough—Variety reports that Bill Murray has joined the cast A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III, the film that marks a comeback not only for Sheen as a movie lead but also Roman Coppola as a director. As reported previously, Glimpse stars Sheen as a wealthy, famous graphic designer, whose graphic design skills have not only made him wealthy and famous but also irresistible to women, women whose hearts and vulvas yearn for the power and charisma that is the mark of the graphic designer. “Oh, the finesse with which you wield that dodge tool—please fill me with babies,” these women inevitably say. Unfortunately, after Sheen’s latest girlfriend leaves him, instead of using his familiarity with CorelDRAW to just land yet another dime-a-dozen graphic design groupie, he embarks on a dark downward spiral that leads Charlie Sheen into “delirious fantasies,” and here we note again that this is a work of fiction. That being the case, Sheen’s character’s delirious fantasies involve previous failed relationships, rather than fighter jets.

Rounding the rest of the non-Sheen cast are Scott Pilgrim co-stars Jason Schwartzman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Aubrey Plaza, plus Patricia Arquette and Katheryn Winnick, who plays the crazy woman who leaves Sheen, like she could just find another graphic designer out there. Good luck, toots! Anyway, it’s not yet known what role Bill Murray will play, though his participation—and thus implicit endorsement—could well do for Roman Coppola what it did for his sister Sofia on Lost In Translation. Also implicit is the fact that he is still clearly capable of saying “yes” to things he actually wants to do, so Dan Aykroyd should just stop with the Ghostbusters 3 already.