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Bill Murray’s new music video is almost frighteningly cheerful

"Happy Street"

Bill Murray is no stranger to music; from Nick the lounge singer to his 2015 Netflix Christmas special, the beloved actor has never backed away from a semi-ironic croon. But there’s very little of Murray’s characteristic wink in the new music video released today by Paul Shaffer and The World’s Most Dangerous Band, as part of the promotion for their upcoming self-titled album and tour. Brightly animated and aggressively cheerful, the video sees a gangly, cartoonish Murray cheerfully singing along with the former Dave Letterman sidekick, foiling bank robberies and making friends on “Happy Street.”

But while the music is pleasant enough, the video’s real pleasure is finding all the references to Murray’s film career that animator Jay Marks has slipped into his work. Some of them are obvious—at one point, the cartoon Murray puts on a Life Aquatic beanie and faces off with a shark—but others, like the “Tripper Ale” that references Murray’s character from Meatballs, will take a couple of listens to its catchy tune in order to fully catch.


[via Variety]

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