Bill Murray, no longer content to deliver the fuel for bizarre Bill Murray anecdotes to the people of the world individually, has announced that he’s putting together a musical Christmas special in which he’ll be singing a number of classic carols. When Variety asked him about the plan, Murray responded by saying some pretty Bill Murrayish things, like, “We’re going to do it like a little movie. It won’t have a format, but it’s going to have music. It will have texture,” and “There will be prose.”

Murray, who recently applied his signature “I’m clearly just screwing around, and yet this is the most moving thing you’ll hear all year, because I’m Bill Murray” song stylings to the low-key comedy St. Vincent, will be reuniting on the project with Lost In Translation director Sofia Coppola. Coppola was nice enough to confirm for Variety that the special is a real thing, and that Murray isn’t just planning to show up at every house in the world, Santa Claus-style, and whisper “No one will ever believe you” as they watch him croon “Silent Night” in front of a televised Yule log.


The director also revealed her own reason for joining the project, saying, “My motivation is to hear him singing my song requests.” To be fair: If you had the power to just call up Bill Murray and make him sing Christmas carols for you, you’d do it, too.