Here’s a problem we’ve all faced: You’re on the links with your bros, having a grand ol’ time, and then some punk comes along who doesn’t recognize that you’re a cool dude who likes Bill Murray movies. Thankfully, you’ll no longer have to resort to beating the snot out of that nerd to protect your reputation, because Caddie Hall Of Fame member Bill Murray and his brothers have teamed up with popular nudity appreciation website The Chive for a line of “kitschy” golf apparel. This comes from the Chicago Tribune, which reports that Murray’s brother Joel—CEO of Murray Bros. Golf—thinks that young people will be more interested in golf “if maybe they have fun stuff to wear.”

Most of the collection will be available on October 20, but in honor of Bill Murray’s birthday today, they’ve released a special handful of items inspired by Murray’s love for the Chicago Cubs—the only team that perfectly captures the specific coolness level of combining golf and The Chive. There’s a blue pinstriped polo shirt with red buttons and a “WM” logo on the sleeve that you can get for $75, as well as a blue hat with a red “William Murray” logo that’s available for $32. The items are currently available at, and yes, you should definitely pop the collar on that polo shirt.