Though typically only sighted these days flitting about golf tournaments, music festivals, and Wes Anderson movies, the elusive North American Bill Murray Mangrove has finally been caught: The notoriously picky actor has agreed to play Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Focus Features’ Hyde On Hudson in a move that we’ll go ahead and interpret as a deliberate, defiant dig at the would-be creators of Ghostbusters 3, who can’t even get him to read a script. As we talked about when Hyde was first rumored, Murray’s participation was apparently crucial to the dramedy from Notting Hill’s Roger Michell about F.D.R. romancing his distant cousin during a weekend visit from the King and Queen of England—and given Murray’s reluctance to commit these days, that was quite a gamble. But now, Variety reports that Murray is confirmed to star, provided evolutionary adaptation hasn’t made it so that his image can no longer be captured on film.