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Bill Lawrence would make a Scrubs movie, but only if everybody gets really desperate

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So far, it looks like Frasier is the only TV show that the original creators want to bring back but cannot, due to Kelsey Grammer’s inability to come up with a good justification for the return of Frasier Crane, but now we’ve got another older TV show that the original creator doesn’t want to bring back—at least until he absolutely has to. As reported by Deadline, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence reunited with the Scrubs cast at Vulture Festival in Los Angeles this weekend, and Lawrence indicated he wouldn’t do a revival for television, but he would “maybe” do a movie revival.


“It was the best time in my life,” he said of working on Scrubs, “but that said, sometimes reboots, not all the time, but sometimes, they feel like a money grab.” That being said, if he ever did it, it would be “a short little movie or something like that.” Lawrence noted that he would like to see what the Scrubs characters are up to these days, and he’d like to see how their various relationships are doing, but everybody who worked on Scrubs—the actors, writers, and the crew—was so talented that they’re all still doing good work in other places and would therefore be too busy to come back for his little Scrubs movie. He says if the actors or the writers or the crew came to him “destitute and unemployed” and said, “oh my god, we need to do Scrubs again,” then he’d do it.

For the record: Donald Faison has been doing some movies, John C. McGinly is still doing Stan Against Evil, Ken Jenkins occaisionally does voice work and popped up on A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Sarah Chalke is of course on Rick And Morty, Neil Flynn just wrapped up a run on The Middle but will soon be appearing in Abby’s, and Judy Reyes is on Claws. Zach Braff’s Alex, Inc. has already been canceled, so there’s still a lot more cancellations that need to happen before everybody’s free for more Scrubs.

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