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Bill Lawrence won't be running Cougar Town when it moves to TBS

Although Cougar Town was saved from cancellation by a last-minute move to TBS, like its near-weekly screenings of the movie Road Trip, some things will be missing. Namely, series co-creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel, who will step down from their day-to-day showrunning duties and instead take on more of a "consulting" role in its basic-cable incarnation. The news was first reported by Vulture during an interview with Courteney Cox, who called Lawrence's leaving a "fresh start"—an optimistic assessment that naturally led to enough people freaking out, apparently, that Lawrence had to issue the following edict on Twitter: "A.) chill. B.) neither Kev nor I currently have shows, so we will both work on CT, C.) if we do get shizz going, we need great guy in place" in reference to their search for the right person to take over. Lawrence has yet to clarify his plans for future shizz (particularly as his most recent pilot did not go forward at Fox), but he did remind everyone that he's married to Cougar Town co-star Christa Miller, adding, "You think she'll let me disappear? Please."


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