Bill Hader has steadily become one of the most prominent players on Saturday Night Live, thanks to breakout characters like Stefon as well as the brave efforts of Buddhist monks self-immolating to protest Kristen Wiig’s screen time. Now he’s making his inevitable play for movie stardom, with The Playlist reporting that he has two projects in the works—and fortunately, neither of them have anything to do with SNL. First up is a comedy with Lonely Island’s Akiva Schaffer called Henchmen, which draws a parallel between the shaky, handheld aesthetic in Paul Greengrass’s Jason Bourne films and the same style seen in shows like The Office for a comedy about “two guys who don’t realize it, but they’re two henchman for like the bad guy in a Bourne movie, and then they slowly figure who that they’re working for the wrong guys.”

If that sounds slightly dark, it’s nothing compared to what could be Hader’s true breakout, Vaughn Meader, which would be scripted by Onion editor turned The Wrestler and Big Fan screenwriter Robert Siegel. Like those films, Vaughn Meader sounds as though it will be a similarly bleak comedy about a man in disrepair, concerning the true-life story of a JFK impressionist who became a huge, overnight star in the ’60s, only to have his entire career disappear when JFK was assassinated. So, good for you, Bill Hader. Simply not doing Stefon: The Movie would be enough, but this sounds even better.