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Bill Hader will host Saturday Night Live in October

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Assuming those fun-killing Democrats in Washington don’t make it illegal first, former Saturday Night Live cast member Bill Hader will return to the show this October. This time he won’t just be the guy who does the hilariously timely Vincent Price impersonation, though, he’ll be the host. This comes from Deadline, which says Hader’s episode will air on October 11. SNL loves to resurrect as many recurring skits as it can, so there’s a good chance Hader’s Stefon will pop up if Seth Meyers can be bothered to take time away from whatever he does now to join in. Our fingers are crossed for a reappearance of “What’s Up With That” so we can see more of Hader’s Lindsey Buckingham.


The musical guest Hader will be introducing a couple of times during the show—prompting SNL viewers to begin their weekly ritual of complaining about popular music on Twitter—will be Hozier, the guy who sings that “Take Me To Church” song. He’ll probably sing that “Take Me To Church” song. Everyone will have an opinion on it, and they won’t waste any time telling you what it is. Chris Pratt will kick off the new season of SNL on September 27, followed by Sarah Silverman on October 4, and then Hader on October 11. You already knew that, though, because you read this article.

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