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Bill Hader reflects on The Rock launching him through a damn window

Screenshot: YouTube

From his time on SNL to his numerous film roles to creating and starring in the Peabody Award-winning Barry, there’s plenty you could ask Bill Hader. A caller on Watch What Happens Live, however, thought it best to instead focus on Hader’s time as a production assistant on The Scorpion King.

Hader’s answer was that, like most production assistants on a film, he wasn’t allowed anywhere near The Rock. What Hader did have a story about was the time Johnson accidentally threw Hader through a fake window when he was guest-hosting SNL. The sketch, in which Johnson plays a hulked-out Barack Obama, called for Hader to jump through that fake window as Johnson pretended to toss him. When it came time for the sketch to go live, however, Hader said that Johnson got a little nervous and hurled Hader not just through the window, but also the backdrop behind it. Watching the sketch in question, it’s pretty clear to see that, yup, that’s The Rock hurling Bill Hader right through a dang window. Thankfully, Hader wasn’t hurt, and, as he makes clear, it is physically impossible to be mad at The Rock.


“He’s the nicest human being on the planet,” said Hader.

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