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If you thought Bill Hader was only capable of being an ace comedian, you’re in for a massive surprise when you watch It: Chapter Two. The Emmy-winning actor is already getting rave critical reviews for his performance in the film, which releases on September 6. Hader has successfully dipped his toes in the horror genre and he’s giving credit to Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard for helping him get the part.


During a recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he told the host that his agent had sent him a clip of Wolfhard in which the young actor said his dream casting for a grown-up version of his It character Richie Tozier would be Hader. It: Chapter Two takes place 27 years after the first and sees the grownup Loser’s Club return to Derry to take down the nefarious clown once and for all.

Like three months later, Hader got a call from his agent that the director that wanted to set up a meeting. His first thought was to naturally believe Wolfhard is a super powerful Joffrey Lannisteronly he used his powers for good. Yes, he also does his best impression of the villainous Game of Thrones character as Wolfhard and it is unsurprisingly great.

Hader looks uncannily like the adult version of the bespectacled, loud-mouthed Richie and is the perfect choice to play this role. So, yeah, Wolfhard probably is a soothsayer. Or, as Fallon puts it, “this kid runs Hollywood.”


Plus he also shared how, as compared to co-star James McAvoy who does most of his own stunts, Hader instead had to rely heavily on his stunt double. While shooting a scene that required running away from the clown, the actor pulled his groin after sprinting for just four feet and had to get an ultrasound done.

It’s fine, he gets his dose of action on his acclaimed HBO show Barry, the second season of which scored a whopping 17 Emmy nominations this year, including three for Hader. He specifically discussed the fantastic midseason outing “ronny/lily” that he also directed. In the episode, hitman Barry and his boss Fuches (Stephen Root) are being chased by a young karate champion. Hader shares the details of how actress Jessie Giacomazzi was cast—her entire family, it turns out, is comprised of stunt people.

Anyway, if Barry season 3 decides to do a backstory episode for the Hader’s lead role, they know exactly whom to cast now.

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