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Bill Cosby’s retrial has been set for November

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Gilbert Carrasquillo)

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case ended in a mistrial back in June, and now Deadline is reporting that Judge Steven O’Neill has announced that a retrial will be held on November 6. That may seem relatively soon, since it’s still happening this year, but Deadline notes that a lot can happen between now and then. For example, Cosby’s lawyers will probably try to get a new judge and a new venue for the trial, since the huge spotlight of the previous trial may have spoiled Cosby’s chance to find impartial jurors. (The sheer volume of accusations against Cosby may have spoiled his chance to find impartial jurors anywhere, but that’s for his defense to figure out.)

While we wait for the trial to start back up again, maybe Cosby’s team can keep changing its story about whether or not the “town hall meetings” he wants to hold will be about avoiding sexual assault charges or if they’ll be about repairing Cosby’s image. Unless they’re already too busy preparing for his upcoming appearance in civil court, that is.


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