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Bill Cosby’s lawyers want to find jurors who’ve somehow never heard of Bill Cosby

(Photo: Getty Images, Gilbert Carrasquillo)

There has been yet another twist in Bill Cosby’s upcoming sexual assault trial. A few days ago, we reported that a judge had ruled that only one of the many women who have accused Cosby of assaulting them—other than the one he’s on trial for—will be allowed to take the stand. Now the judge has granted a request from Cosby’s lawyers to have the jurors chosen from a different Pennsylvania country than the one where the trial is being held, with a Reuters story explaining that one of the lawyers said the media coverage was “so intense” that it seemed impossible for Cosby to get a fair trial “anywhere in the country.”

So now they have to somehow find jurors who have either never heard of Bill Cosby or whose opinions of him haven’t been changed by the fact that dozens of women have accused him sexual assault, which will presumably be rather difficult. Such is the problem with being a celebrity, though. Everybody knows who you are, which means everybody knows when you’re accused of doing something awful over and over and over again. The trial is set to begin on June 5.


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