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It's been well-established that a March Madness-style elimination bracket is the best possible tool for solving pretty much anything. And, because it's great, Bill Cosby's official web site has now put the bracket tournament to its best possible use: a tournament to determine the funkiest sweater ever worn by Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show.


The 64-sweater tournament is broken up into four "regions": Argyles, Cardigans, Cashmeres, and Pullovers. There is no seeding, but we all know the Jogger Sweater is poised to crush the Argyle division. First-round voting is open until Thursday, so get those votes in, and start those office pools now.

The various photos of a besweatered Cosby came from "a variety of sources, including The Cosby Show, Buzzfeed, and Mr. Cosby's personal photo archive." That means that, yes, Bill Cosby has what the world can only assume is a lovingly curated archive of himself wearing Cosby sweaters. Excellent.

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