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Bill Cosby has been dropped by his agent, putting his career in jeopardy

The Cosby Show

Today in news that is only surprising because it hadn’t happened already: Deadline is reporting that Bill Cosby has been dropped by his agent, leaving him “without talent representation in Hollywood.” This comes only a day after Bounce TV (finally) pulled its Cosby reruns and Disney World (finally) took down its Bill Cosby bust, both of which are things that also should’ve happened already. Oh, and this is only two days after unsealed court documents revealed that Cosby admitted to drugging multiple women so that he could have sex with them. So, yeah, he’s probably having a fun week of covering his ears and pretending that all of this isn’t going on.

Now, Cosby losing his agent will obviously put a huge damper on the future of his acting career, but we can’t imagine it’s any more than the damage that admitting he drugged women so he could have sex with them has already caused. Or, you know, the over 40 accusations from women who claim to have been raped by him. Basically, Cosby’s talent agency dropping him was probably just a formality at this point, like the way you might throw away a burned-out lightbulb, an empty bottle of ketchup, or a formerly beloved comedian who turned out to be a huge creep.


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