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Back in May, we reported that Bill Clinton and James Patterson were working together on a mystery novel called The President Is Missing, and though the book won’t actually be released until next year, Clinton and Patterson have already begun shopping it around to big-name movie producers in hopes of getting someone to pick up the adaptation rights. That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, which says the book is being treated as a “top secret property,” with potential producers receiving a watermarked pitch with an expiring link to check out before any potential meetings with Clinton and Patterson. Supposedly, though, the only producers the two of them actually will meet with this week include J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, and George Clooney—so anyone less famous than those three guys is probably out of luck.

Nobody really knows what the book is about, hence the “top secret property” label, but the title is a big hint and Clinton said that it would draw on his experience in the White House. That means we can guess that it’s probably about a super cool and popular president named Bill Patterson who plays the saxophone and has a history of infidelity but has managed to patch things up with his wife. One day, President Patterson gets kidnapped, and the only one who can save him is a super cool and popular novelist named James Clinton who totally writes his own books and all of them are equally good.


Again, The President Is Missing won’t be released until next year, so it might be a while before we find out what it’s really about.

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