Bill Burr has been a battle-hardened, road-tested stand-up comic since the early 1990s, and he’s been hosting his own Monday Morning Podcast since 2007, but he may just have a backup career in case the comedy world experiences yet another one of its implosions. In a delightful 10-minute video posted to his personal YouTube account, Burr shows that he can indeed make a pie crust from scratch, thus fulfilling a promise he recently made on his podcast. Not that he’s bragging, please understand. Fairly early in in the proceedings, he claims that a 5-year-old could do this, too. But that 5-year-old would probably not turn the cooking demonstration into a rambling, profanity-studded monologue about food, relatives, the holidays, and the complexity of interpersonal relationships.

Burr may also be the least pretentious pop culture chef in history. He doesn’t know the actual names of the various sifters and other paraphernalia he needs for the project, for instance, so he gives them his own names, like “these things” and “I don’t know what this is called.” They work; that’s what matters. Being a comedian, he has plenty of quips on hand to cover what would normally be pretty dead air as he mixes and kneads his ingredients. “This is the all purpose Gold Medal flour,” he says at one point. “It’s not that gluten-free, save-the-fuckin’-whales whatever the hell it is. It’s like, you’re making a pie already. It’s not gonna be healthy. Just give into that. Tell yourself you’re gonna go to the gym.” And as for the process of transferring your delicate pie crust dough from into the pie pan: “It’s like breaking up with someone you don’t want to be with.” In the end, Burr winds up with a very credible looking pie crust. No mere joke-slinger, this man.

[via Laughing Squid]