Last month, Bikini Kill announced that it would release three previously unheard tracks as part of the upcoming re-release of its debut, Revolution Girl Style Now! And apparently that revolution has already begun, as the band has shared the first of those three new-old songs, “Playground.” Recorded, like most of Bikini Kill’s early output, in a punk as fuck DIY home recording, the sludgy, bass-heavy track, which tears into a hardcore-style breakdown about two-thirds of the way through, bears little musical resemblance to anthemic Bikini Kill singles like “Rebel Girl.” But the schoolyard taunts and feminist themes of the lyrics, describing fissures that form in a group of female friends, should be familiar to fans. And, as promised, “Playground” just sort of stops three minutes and 33 seconds in, reportedly because the tape ran out. (We told you it was punk as fuck.)

Revolution Girl Style Now! is currently available for pre-order and hits stores on September 22.