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Big Mouth's monsters are getting their own animated Netflix show

For two seasons now (and a third out tomorrow), Big Mouth has been one of Netflix’s most emotionally messy delights, diving in deep to every awkward, gross, uncomfortable, and totally relatable aspect of puberty its cast undergoes. It’s also, for what it is, a weirdly myth-heavy series, with frequent references and visits to the magical realm where its signature Hormone Monsters—and other manifestations of humanity’s various drives and foibles—live and work, driving us all slowly insane. The monster dimension is rich, vibrant, and, unsurprisingly incredibly weird, which is presumably why the show’s creators have announced a new series set in that otherworldly realm.

Announced by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, Jennifer Flackett, and Kelly Galuska at New York Comic Con tonight, Human Resources will take place entirely in the world where the Department Of Puberty rests, complete with all its Shame Wizards, Depression Kittys, and other manifestations of our fucked-up psyche. The series is being described as a workplace comedy; so far, all we have to go on otherwise is an 11-second teaser, although we do get some glimpses of a couple of new monsters, plus the super-spooky Bureau Of Death.

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