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Big Love creators now believe Chloë Sevigny did The A.V. Club interview while drunk at a party

Illustration for article titled iBig Love/i creators now believe Chloë Sevigny did iThe A.V. Club/i interview while drunk at a party

The A.V. Club interview with actress Chloë Sevigny—during which I allegedly “provoked” her into making candid comments about the last season of Big Love, utilizing the underhanded gotcha-journalism tactic of bringing up the show—certainly seems like ages ago. But strangely, even through the increasingly cobwebbed mists of time, I don’t remember it quite as it’s being recounted in a new interview with series creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer. Speaking with TV Line’s Michael Ausiello (who was the first to give Sevigny the chance to accuse me of manipulating her), Olsen and Scheffer recalled the whole incident thusly:

TVLINE | How’s your relationship with Chloë? Did you start the season off with a group hug?
Olsen: We had the group hug with Chloë the day after she made the comments. We love that woman. We get it it. We get what she said.
Scheffer: Chloë is a company girl. She’s so not the fashionista-diva that is her image, so for her to get a little bit drunk on champagne and speak bluntly at a party and then to have it come back to bite her…
Olsen: If anything, we felt bad for her.
Scheffer: She called us in tears. Yes, we were angry that it had made the press and it started to [spiral]. But more than us being angry, we felt bad that she felt so bad about it. And we immediately wrapped our arms around her; she was just a mess about the whole thing.


Speaking as the press who put those comments out there in the first place, I definitely don’t recall any champagne flowing during our scheduled noontime interview that was arranged and overseen by several publicists and conducted with my tape recorder in plain view—just bottled water and coffee. I'm just saying, it was kind of a shitty party.

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