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Woody Allen's new film rounds up fresh group of movie investors who like money more than respect

Photo: Gary Gershoff (Getty Images)

Everybody said it couldn’t be done—the stars who now refuse to work with him, the streaming service he’s suing after it broke its multi-million dollar deal with him, the people who’ve accused him of sexual assault—but that plucky underdog Woody Allen has done it again, securing funding for yet another film. It just goes to show: If you’re a white male “auteur” whose movies still reliably make a little bit of money, there’s nothing you and a nebulous European media conglomerate can’t do.

Allen has yet to assemble a series of random nouns into a title for his latest feature, the topic of which we’re honestly too goddamned tired to even speculate about right now. Spanish-based media group Mediapro—which financed Allen’s Vicki Christina Barcelona and Midnight In Paris—meanwhile, waved off concerns about their decision to re-ally with the writer-director, stating, “We have a 10-year relationship with Mr. Allen and, like all projects we produce, we judge the creator by its work.”


Anyway, we can’t wait to see what rag-tag crew of actors decide to shackle their reputations to the latest voyage of this apparently unsinkable ship; fingers crossed for a 90-minute monologue from Alec Baldwin, diving deep into the way people who don’t give respected directors the eighth or ninth chances they so obviously deserve are the real rude, thoughtless pigs.

[via Vulture]

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