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Big Google outage shuts down YouTube, Gmail, Snapchat, and other services in some of U.S.

Photo: Michele Tantussi (Getty Images)

If you’re having trouble screwing around on the internet today, it could be because of what seems to be a major outage with Google’s Could service. As reported by The Verge, Google products like Gmail and YouTube are being affected, but so are other services that utilize Google Cloud systems to operate—leaving Snapchat, Nest, and Discord apps impacted as well. Some users are saying YouTube and Snapchat are down completely, while other users are just having issues logging in to some of the other apps.

However, if this all seems like a surprise to you, it could be because these outages seem to be primarily impacting the eastern half of the United States. The Verge says that YouTube is having outages outside of the country, with Gmail is also going out for some users in Europe, but it otherwise seems to be going just fine for other people. That being said, Google’s status dashboard page is reporting errors with nearly every service it covers, so this seems like a big issue. A statement from Google says it believes it has “identified the root cause of the congestion” and expects to get everything back to normal “shortly.”


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