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Big boy president to play in some trucks again today

Credit: Alex Wong / Staff / Getty

In an attempt to distract from the ongoing Russia scandal that his embroiled his administration and led to record-low approval ratings, the president has announced a slate of three themed weeks of counter-programming this month. We begin today with “Made In America” week, celebrating American manufacturing with a “product showcase” featuring products made in each of the 50 states. Following that will be “American Heroes” week and then “American Dreams” week, neither of which have policies attached aside as of now. And, while you could say that the week is already a failure given that it comes from a president who has thus far failed to have any positive effect on the economy and who built his company on cheap foreign labor, you would be getting ahead of yourself, because beep-beep here comes a big truck:


Yes, the president will be returning to the high point of his brief, troubled presidency—that is, the time he was a good enough boy to sit in a big truck and pretend to be a truck driver. Will he don a fireman’s hat today or get to hold the big fire hose? Will his handlers look on happily as the commander-in-chief sits in a forklift, pretending to be a man who has ever worked a day in his life? We will follow the story and update this post accordingly.

Update: First he tried a fire truck!

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