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Big Boi promises new Outkast album. Nation holds breath

It wasn't too long ago that Outkast reigned as The Beatles of hip hop. They were arguably the biggest and best hip hop duo in the world. Then came Idlewild—which really isn't that bad—countless shitty movies (Revolver, Four Breathers, fucking Who's Your Caddy) and endless delays for Big Boi's eagerly anticipated solo album (if you don't count Speakerboxxxx) and the duo's heat cooled considerably.

Outkast fans have reason to rejoice however. According to SOHH.com, a flurry of new material is in the works from Big Boi and Andre 3000. First up: that fabled Big Boi album Sir Lucious Leftfoot Son of Chico Dusty, followed by an Andre 3000 solo effort and a new Outkast album.

Hurray? I interviewed Big Boi in connection with his solo album. I don't want to say the interview has been sitting in my computer for a while but we talked extensively about Barack Obama, who was but a promising law student at the time.

New Outkast material is always a cause for excitement but it's not encouraging that Leftfoot still doesn't have a release date.

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