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Big Boi just up and gave his daughter a record label

Big Boi’s generosity has lately known no bounds—graciously lending his production skills to a collaboration with Modest Mouse, extending similar offers to Mumford And Sons, and now, creating a record label as a Sweet 16 gift to his daughter Jordan. Telling Billboard that he wanted to give her something that wouldn’t depreciate over time like a car, but rather something that “she can grow and build and nurture.” (Here's betting she got a car anyway.) As the label's sole co-owner, Big Boi plans to help Jordan assemble a roster of younger artists like its first signee, 12-year-old singer Gabbie Rae, with the official launch due in just a couple of weeks. He also announced the name: Purple Kidz, which is sort of an adorably kid-friendly nod to the popular promethazine-codeine mixture daddies drink when they want to make music.

Of course, these days Big Boi may actually have to pledge loyalty to Crown Royal. After all, they're the official sponsors of the upcoming behind-the-scenes documentary short Big Boi: The Crown Life, the trailer for which you can check out below in all its cliffhanger-laden glory. Won’t someone help Big Boi find the turkey dogs?

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