Further blurring the lines between Johnny Marr and Big Boi, the latter has apparently stepped in to collaborate with Modest Mouse on the group’s next album. As the Outkast rapper put it on Twitter, he is currently “Modest Mousin’ it” in the studio this week with producer Chris Carmouche and the band, whom he called “the coolest cats ever” while also offering a “shout-out to Isaac [Brock] and the crew!” It’s not a totally unlikely turn of events—Modest Mouse’s hip-hop cred was more or less established when Lupe Fiasco lifted them for “The Show Goes On”—although right now it’s difficult to imagine Big Boi’s smooth funk steamrolling over Brock’s usual brittle guitar bends. Still, Big Boi probably figured, hey, why should Kanye West be the only guy to fraternize with indie rocker types? [via Pitchfork]