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Bienvenue and willkommen to this supercut of cinematic welcomes

Welcome To The Dollhouse

In movies, people are always welcoming others to some new situation or location. It’s a dramatic gesture meant to set the stage not just for the character but for the audience as well, usually done in a way that’s meant to be somewhat shocking. Of course, it can be just as pedestrian as greeting people on a talk show, or as sardonic as welcoming an alien to Earth (before punching said alien in the face). In this supercut, characters are welcomed to various locations, states of being, shows, and other existential modes from across 73 different films.

The scope of the supercut, assembled by Burger Fiction, is impressive as it spans not just a whole lot of films, but also a host of different genres, tastes, and even decades (the earliest film is from 1938, and the latest is 2014). The sheer work involved in combing through these many film clips is staggering, and ends up producing a supercut that shows how such a simple phrase (“welcome to…”) can be morphed and used in different parlances and situations. It can be a threat, a genuine offering, a sarcastic quip, a statement of fact, and a whole lot more. With that, welcome to the supercut!

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