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Bide your time until the next Mandalorian episode with some Baby Yoda concept art

Photo: The Mandalorian (Disney+)

It’s fair to say that the runaway crowdpleaser of the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian is not the so-far-faceless bounty hunter of the title, but his adorable current traveling companion. We’re glad that Baby Yoda debuted right before the holiday season, hopefully in time for some stuffed Baby Yodas to toss around as presents to pretty much everyone we know. Since the series takes place a few years after Return Of The Jedi, we suspect that this 50-year-old Baby Yoda is not the Yoda, but definitely a Yoda, one imbued with significant Force powers. Plus he is an excellent swaddler and looks cute in everything, from a floating egg-like apparatus to the Mandalorian’s satchel.


And even, as it turns out, his original pair of coveralls. Yesterday, series helmer Jon Favreau released an image of original Baby Yoda concept art, in another case of Christmas coming early. Even in what looks like a denim-like sack, we can’t take our eyes off the guy. And from what many people have posted on Twitter, we’re glad to know we’re not alone. This might actually be enough to tide us over until the next Mandalorian episode drops on Friday. Now, where are those plushies?

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