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Bid adieu to Scandal with this montage of Olivia Pope housing big-ass glasses of wine

Managing the interweaving personal and professional scandals of the Washington elite can be a stressful job. But luckily, over the course of Scandal’s impressively bat-shit seven seasons, Olivia Pope has always found time to unwind with an adult-sized afterwork drink. In honor of the recently aired series finale, Slate has put together a compilation of everyone’s favorite moments from the show, a.k.a every time Olivia Pope went to town on a big ass glass of vino.

Not only are the glasses massive but the pours are what some in the wine industry would call “generous.” That doesn’t stop Pope from downing them like they were grape juice, sometimes cradling the gigantic glass with both hands like a communion offering. It’s reminiscent of Amy Schumer’s gallon-size wine glass toting character from her Friday Night Lights parody, but, of course, Olivia Pope prefers red.

There are so many absurd things we’ll miss about Scandal, but the frat-party binge-drinking approach to merlot is definitely one we’ll miss the most. As the one and only YouTube comment on the above video says, “I’ve never watched Scandal but I really relate to her.”


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