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Bez, the dancing guy from Happy Mondays, is running for Parliament

Mark “Bez” Berry, the guy best known for druggily dancing on stage during Happy Mondays shows, is running for Parliament. Berry—who’s also a former ecstasy dealer and has “been made bankrupt” twice—made the announcement Monday in the Manchester Evening News, saying that he’ll run in his home city of Salford, England. If elected, he’d like to “stir things up,” ideally redistributing wealth, ending all war, and finding a cure for both cancer and dementia. According to Berry, “I’m going to create a new world order and get rid of them and start again with a new, fairer system without evil being the main policy. … One of my policies would be a permacultural society where we’ll end illness and get everybody back to an alkaline state,” whatever that means. Berry’s goals are undoubtedly lofty, but considering the guy has made a living out of just dancing on stage for years, there’s probably no reason that he should even consider himself a party to conventional limitations.

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