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Beyonce won't be in Clint Eastwood's A Star Is Born remake after all

Illustration for article titled Beyonce wont be in Clint Eastwoods emA Star Is Born/em remake after all

The Clint Eastwood-directed, Beyonce-starring remake of A Star Is Born—the one that is also secretly about Kurt Cobain—just became at least 25-percent less of a pop-culture clusterfuck with Beyonce's exit, who has departed due to the all-purpose excuse of scheduling issues. Of course, much like it still has no actor to play the faded grunge star—who, for the purposes of the screenwriter's insistence on grafting his adolescent obsessions onto a story that Eastwood wants to retell again, takes a shine to an R&B ingénue—A Star Is Born has no schedule yet. In essence, it's as though Beyonce kept insisting she was probably busy that month, while Eastwood was like, "But I haven't even said what month yet, grumble grumble" as she backed away, until finally he was left no choice but to cast himself opposite an empty chair. Yeah! Political satire!


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