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Beyoncé to star in a movie about Beyoncé, directed by Beyoncé

Beyoncé will direct a movie about Beyoncé, starring Beyoncé. The documentary—which is as yet untitled, but will surely be called Beyoncé —will air on HBO in February of 2013, The Year Of Our Beyoncé. Beyoncé and her dedicated team of mini-Beyoncés have been shopping the movie around since earlier this year, and it’s said to be a mix of live Beyoncé concert footage combined with a more intimate look at the “vibrant, vulnerable” Beyoncé, including some footage of Beyoncé that was shot by Beyoncé on Beyoncé’s laptop.

Beyoncé’s latest record, Four, came out in June of 2011. Beyoncé also recently joined Instagram, where she posts pictures of Beyoncé, along with notes written by Beyoncé.

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