You know you’ve reached the upper echelons of musical stardom when 50,000 people will tune in, not to watch your new music video, but to watch a 10-second teaser for your new music video. But that’s Beyoncé for you; the former single lady and current unofficial Red Lobster spokeswoman released a new video onto YouTube last night, promoting the upcoming premiere of “Lemonade,” which will air next Saturday on HBO.

The only audio in the enigmatic tease is a clip of Beyoncé asking herself, “What am I gonna do?” It’s a question with a lot of answers, some apparent, some locked within the hexagonal, winding labyrinth of the Beyhive. Is she going to wear her hair in cornrows? Almost certainly, from what we can see. Will she keep hot sauce in her bag? It would be shocking if she didn’t. Will “Lemonade” also cover our burning questions about where milk, milk, and fudge are made? Only time will tell.


Specifically, 9 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, April 23. That is the time that will tell, because that is when “Lemonade” debuts on HBO.