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Inviting the question, “How often can you surprise-release something before it’s no longer a surprise?” Beyoncé has just revealed that her much-heralded Lemonade isn’t just a new music video—it’s an entire full-length album, available for streaming right now on Tidal. The release includes accompanying music videos for every song, which were streamed in their entirety tonight on HBO.

The release of Lemonade lines up pretty closely with that of Beyoncé’s self-titled 2014 album, from its sudden deployment, to its status as a “visual album.” The only major difference is that Ms. Knowles-Carter made Beyoncé available on iTunes, in the pre-Tidal days when that was a thing that artists still did.


As expected, the previously released, Red Lobster-loving “Formation” appears as the last track on the album. The video for the song—and the Super Bowl performance that followed the next day—garnered criticism from police groups claiming that both expressed anti-police sentiments, a claim Beyoncé was quick to deny. Meanwhile, the release of Lemonade adds new context to her upcoming Formation World Tour, which kicks off next week. You can see the track list for the new album below, or stream it on Tidal, on the off chance that you happen to be a subscriber, or haven’t blown through your free trial a couple of exclusive releases ago.

Lemonade track list:

01 Pray You Catch Me

02 Hold Up

03 Don’t Hurt Yourself

04 Sorry

05 6 Inch

06 Daddy Lessons

07 Love Drought

08 Sandcastles

09 Forward

10 Freedom

11 All Night

12 Formation

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