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Beyoncé’s dad sold a bunch of her old stuff at a garage sale

How much would you pay for some kid’s old CD collection, t-shirts, and retainer? Or some discarded office furniture that used to belong to that kid’s dad? If you said “nothing,” or “fuck off, I don’t want that garbage,” then we’ve got another question for you: What if that kid were Beyoncé? You could be getting your teeth straightened by the same orthodontic device that once straightened Beyoncé’s teeth. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Well, it’s too late, because Beyoncé’s dad/former manager, Matthew Knowles, already sold all of her old stuff in a garage sale last week.

As reported by Click 2 Houston, Knowles operated the garage sale outside of his recording studio, selling boxes of old Beyoncé merchandise and belongings for as low as $5 a shirt. One savvy shopper—who probably knows better than to pass up a garage sale hosted outside of a hugely famous singer’s dad’s office—picked up some hats and a shirt for his granddaughter because she “happens to be a medium.” Not “she’s a big Beyoncé fan” or “this stuff will be worth money,” just “this crap will fit my granddaughter.”


Knowles says the sale was simply a way to make more room in his office, and not because he needs the money, arguing that he’d probably be selling “a Grammy or an MTV award” if he were desperate for cash. That guy buying the hats and shirt for his granddaughter probably would’ve been smart enough not to waste any money on a Grammy, though. Also, there’s no word on whether or not any of the items sold used to belong to Beyoncé’s less-famous siblings, Solange and Harry.

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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