Beyoncé Knowles is the subject of a new lawsuit by software developer Gate Five, who accuses her of being a “morally reprehensible” person for backing out of a deal to star in the video game Starpower: Beyoncé at the last minute and “on what appeared to be a whim,” causing 70 people to lose their jobs one week before Christmas. The suit claims that Beyoncé—referred to within as “Ms. Carter”—had an agreement in place to star in the game, which would have utilized motion-sensing technology to allow players to mimic the dance moves of her “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” video, among others. However, it alleges that she suddenly made a new “extortionate demand” for more money while the project was at the peak of its development, then just walked away when it wasn’t met—a move deemed “so unscrupulous” that the suit further claims that even her manager-father was embarrassed by it. (Beyoncé fired her father as her manager last month.) The company is seeking a return of its initial investment, an additional $100 million in damages, and presumably, another Christmas.