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Beyoncé posts Fifty Shades Of Grey teaser on Instagram for fans of heavy breathing

Last year, Beyoncé proved she could bring the Internet to a standstill when she released her self-titled album without warning. Over the weekend, the human hype machine that is Beyoncé proved she can serve as a powerful marketing tool for other properties when she posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey movie to her Instagram, There’s not much information to be gleaned from the teaser: There’s a man tapping his finger on a wooden banister and some heavy breathing. But this teaser promises that a full trailer will be released this coming Thursday.

The trailer also doesn’t explain the nature of Beyoncé’s rumored relationship with the film. As As Deadline notes, her song “Haunted” could be heard in the background when some of the film’s footage was shown at CinemaCon earlier this year. Until a full trailer is released this Thursday, there’s only a 15-second clip of wind rustling a woman’s skirt to help give answers to the myriad questions surrounding Fifty Shades, questions such as, “Did I hear the wind say Beyoncé? Seriously, watch it again. I think it said Beyoncé.”


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